Hearts are Wild Creatures That’s Why Ribs are Cages: Explained

The human heart has been a symbol of love and emotion for centuries, inspiring poets, artists, and writers to create works that celebrate its power and beauty. However, Elalusz’s quote, “Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages,” suggests that the heart is not just a source of warmth and tenderness, but also a force to be reckoned with.

Understanding Elalusz’s Quote

Elalusz’s quote is an apt description of the human heart’s emotional intensity and unpredictability. The heart is the seat of our deepest desires, passions, and fears, and it can drive us to both great joy and profound sadness. Like a wild animal, it can be difficult to contain, and its movements and impulses can be hard to predict.

The image of the heart being caged by the ribs is a poignant one, evoking the idea that the heart is both protected and constrained by the body. The ribs serve as a shield, guarding the heart from harm and preventing it from running wild. However, they also limit the heart’s ability to express itself fully, confining its movements and emotions to a limited space.

The Complexities of Emotion

The quote by Elalusz highlights the complexities of human emotion, and how our hearts can sometimes feel like they have a life of their own. Emotions can be intense and unpredictable, sometimes taking us by surprise and leading us down paths we never expected to go.

At the same time, our emotions can also be the source of our greatest joys and deepest connections with others. Love, compassion, and empathy all spring from the heart, and can connect us to other people and the world around us in profound ways.

The Importance of Emotional Self-Regulation

The wild nature of the heart can be both a blessing and a curse. While it can lead us to experience the full range of human emotions, it can also be overwhelming and exhausting, particularly when we feel like we have lost control of our feelings.

Learning to regulate our emotions is an essential part of emotional intelligence and self-care. By developing strategies to manage our feelings, we can learn to harness the power of the heart without being overwhelmed by it. This might involve practicing mindfulness, seeking support from loved ones, or engaging in activities that help us to express our emotions in healthy ways.

Embracing the Wildness of the Heart

Finally, it’s worth considering whether we should try to contain the wildness of the heart at all. While emotional regulation is important, there is also value in embracing the full range of our emotions and allowing our hearts to roam free.

Rather than seeing the ribs as cages, we can view them as a protective shield that allows us to explore the depths of our emotions without fear of harm. By giving ourselves permission to feel deeply and express our emotions fully, we can connect more deeply with ourselves and others, and experience the richness and beauty of life in all its complexity.


Elalusz’s quote, “Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages,” is a reminder of the power and complexity of the human heart. Our emotions can be intense and unpredictable, but they are also the source of our greatest joys and deepest connections. By learning to regulate our emotions while embracing the wildness of the heart, we can experience life in all its richness and complexity.

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